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I woke up a little late...

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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2005|10:44 pm]
I woke up a little late...

[mood |amusedamused]

FINALLY! I'm cool. Shit yeah, yeah, mo awesome juice for reeeeeal. Let's go spit on people that were mean to me in high school! Be excellent, interweb peoples.
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(no subject) [Nov. 23rd, 2005|11:28 pm]
I woke up a little late...

[mood |goodgood]

andrew just stole all of my INTERESTS!!!!!!
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(no subject) [Nov. 22nd, 2005|09:39 pm]
I woke up a little late...

This community is basically anything you guys want it to be about. If you have a random thought, thought something was funny, or just want to express an idea, here is the place to do it. I would like to think that we're all pretty laid back people here and that we all see eye to eye on a lot of things. the key thing now is that we promote so that we can have other people join in and we can grow. If you guys have any ideas of anything just post a comment on here or if you want to add to the interests or whatever just tell me directly on my journal or leave a post saying what change or idea you want and it will be done as soon as possible.

Let's make this community a good one!
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George Bush doesn't care about Black People [Nov. 13th, 2005|05:39 pm]
I woke up a little late...
there is this awesome store in my town called the Northfield Book Store. It has Books, and Coffee, and Cards, but best of all, it has Vinyls, which means, that every two days I am there. I am buying music and dragging it home. I don't think I've ever spent so much time in one place that I'm not sleeping or working in.

I'd start whispering dirty things and be all S&M if this actually happens, but apparently Michael Jackson is building an airport for Aliens. MICHAEL JACKSON is building an AIRPORT for ALIENS. I think he's pretty well read on the topic, you know, being one.
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